Discount Drainage Supplies

discount drainage supplies

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*Not available at every branch location. Call your local Discount Drainage Supplies branch for the brands they carry.


PVC Glue   Water Powered Back-up Sump Pumps  
PVC Primer   Plastic Septic Tank  
Pipe Joint Lube – Gel or Spray   1⁄2" Rebar 10' and 20' Lengths  
Expanding Foam   1⁄2 HP Sump Pumps  
Sand Mix   1⁄4 HP Sump Pumps  
Concrete Mix   Leach Field Chambers  
Mortar Mix   Pond Overflow Structures  
Waterplug   PVC Saddle 6" thru 18" Tee or Y  
Marking Paints   Poly Saddles and Inserta Fittings  
Detectable Tapes   Plastic and Cast Iron Grates  
Caution Tapes   Square, Round or Rectangle Grates  
Duct Tapes   Mar-Flex Egress Window Wells  
Window Wells      

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