East Jordan Iron Works – Cincinnati

Type M3 Heavy Duty Sinusoidal Grate Only
(Grate has break-off section so curb back can be added when curb is installed)
ejiw-sinusoidal Open Surface Area Approximately 170.0 Sq.In.
5913-80 Grate ejiw-5913grate 13 1/2 x 13 1/2
Approximate 52 sq. in. open area
8205m Grate ejiw-8205mgrate 22 x 22
8306z Frame ejiw-8306 Cover/Grate Size: 23-1/2 sq.
Frame Outside: 24-15/16 sq.
Open Area: 215 sq. in.
8306a Lid    
Single Gutter Curb Inlet includes:
7350z1 Frame
7350t1 Back
7350m3 Grate




Approximate 195 sq. in. open area
Double Curb Inlet includes:
7358z1 Frame Rt Hand
7358z1 Frame Lt Hand
7355t1 Back
7350m3 Grate
ejiw-7350single ejiw-7350m3grate
(grate - 2 each required)
Approximate 390 sq. in. open area

Used in turf or concrete applications such as lawn areas, walkways, patios and pool areas where effective surface water removal systems are required.