HEL-COR® Corrugated Steel Pipe – Akron Cleveland

product literature

6” thru 48” Galvanized 16 gauge 20’ Sections

ASTM A 929

*AASHTO Standard Specification for Highway Bridges


Helically corrugated HEL-COR steel pipe, available in round and pipe-arch shapes, has over 55 years of proven performance. It is manufactured with continuous locked seams with annular corrugated ends to use with soil-tight HUGGER® Bands.

Typical applications are culverts, stormwater detention systems, small bridges, conduits and storm sewers. A wide variety of wall thicknesses (gages), corrugations, diameters and pipe section lengths permit a choice of materials to meet specific job site requirements.

N-12® ASTM F2648 ST (soiltight) IB Pipe – Akron Cleveland

Product Literature

4" – 48" (100 to 1219 mm) diameters available
6m (19 ft, 8 in) length available
Bell and spigot joint design
In-line bell design
Exceptional joint strength
Excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance
Light weight
Fast installation times
Structural strength that will support H-25 live loads with 12" (300mm) minimum cover (60” pipe requires 2' cover for H-25 loads)

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  • Variety of diameters and lengths that will fit in any project
  • Joint only requires lube for fitting – ends are pushed together for easy field installation
  • Unlike pipes from other manufacturers, there are no additional gasket materials, grout or sealing bands to transport and apply
  • Installation cost savings from lower shipping costs, fewer people, and less heavy equipment required
  • The reinforced polyethylene bell minimizes distortion. Chipping and cracking common to concrete pipe bells, is eliminated
  • Hydraulic efficiency from smooth interior
  • Long-term durability of HDPE