Team Profile | Larry Gorman | Cincinnati Branch Manager

Team Profile | Larry Gorman | Cincinnati Branch Manager

In today’s team profile, we feature Larry Gorman.  Larry leads the team at our Cincinnati location.

What is something fun or interesting that not everyone knows about you?

I enjoy 4-wheeling with my Jeep in the mountains of Tennessee and also riding a motorcycle with my wife. We have been all over the U.S. with the motorcycle. Probably the best was Sturgis bike rally.

What is a hobby that you love to take part in…and why?

I have a woodshop that I build tables, chairs, and children’s furniture. I also have a 1976 Corvette that I build from the ground up that I take to car shows on the weekends. I enjoy doing things with my hands and seeing the results.

What is a brand or product that you sell all of the time at Discount Drainage?

Out of the brands and products we sell.  I sell fittings from Normandy Products to probably 80% of the customers that come it.

What is a company that you admire?

McDonald’s. They have been around since the 40’s as a fast-food restaurant that has changed very little. The taste has not changed since I can remember. Their service is above all fast-food restaurants. When is the last time you heard about them having problems with people getting sick from bad food?

Why do you enjoy working at Discount Drainage?

The comradery among the employees almost matches what I had in the Air Force. With the changes in ownership, the staff still gives 100% to the owners and the customers. Customer service with most of our competitors does not come close to what we give. I have been with DDS for 27 years and I can say I enjoy each new day I come to help my customers.